1. A license between INL and the interested institution is required.  Contact agradmin@inl.gov for assistance in obtaining a license. Include a thorough description of the intended use of the code on the license application.
  2. Access is granted individually by user.  Initial user requests can be submitted at the time of the institutional license request.  Subsequent user requests may be added at a later date.  Contact agradmin@inl.gov for assistance.  Again, include a thorough description of the intended use of the code.
  3. Before access is approved for foreign nationals, an INL security plan must be in place.  Complete this form and send it to Sarah Roberts (sarah.roberts@inl.gov), along with a copy of your CV, a scan of your passport, and a scan of your visa (if appropriate).  Contact Sarah for assistance.  Please also provide a thorough description of your intended use of the code.
  4. Request an HPC Account.  Go to https://secure.inl.gov/caims/ and select HPC as the Application.  Regarding the Token Type, a Hardware token is a physical device (key fob), and a Software token is an app for your smartphone.  See also the full set of HPC Account instructions.
  5. Once the HPC account is active, log in at https://hpcgitlab.inl.gov.  See the Bison workshop material for details,  particularly the External Users portion of the Getting Started section.
  6. Once you have logged in, contact a member of the Bison team to be added to the access list of the repository.
Steps 1-4 can be taken concurrently.