Conversion to Tensor Mechanics

Bison and MOOSE are implementing changes to use the Tensor Mechanics module and are deprecating the Solid Mechanics module. The newer Tensor Mechanics module offers more flexibility to include anistropy, better correspondence to mathematical notation for formulas, and more integration with other MOOSE modules.


Conversion Guidelines

These guidelines map out the process of modifying an existing solid mechanics input file to use the newer tensor mechanics capabilities.


Avoid Potential Pitfalls

Different default settings between the two mechanics modules can present stumbling blocks in the conversion of input files. See a list of potential problems and the solutions.


Comparison Plot Script

The Bison team has developed a set of matplotlib scripts to compare quantities of interest between the tensor mechanics and solid mechanics input files for the Bison assessment cases.

Several of the Bison assessment cases have both solid mechanics and tensor mechanics input files; these duplicated assessment case inputs can be used as additional examples for the migration process. If you have questions about the mechanics migration process, Contact the developers.