Changing Between Geometries

The combination of multiple geometries within Bison gives an analyst the freedom to begin with a simplified layered 1D model before upscaling the dimension to a more complex and localized 2D-RZ or 3D model. Tutorials for converting a model between the different geometries in Bison for a LWR fuel rod are listed below.


Layered 1D 2D-RZ Models

While 2D-RZ is the most commonly used gemeotry in Bison, several other fuel performance codes use a 1D mesh. Learn how to convert from a 2D-RZ model to a Layered 1D model.


2D-RZ 3D Models

3D models provide the ability to model specific localized detail while 2D-RZ simulations include only radial and axial variations while assuming azimuthal symmetry in order to run faster.

Bison's ability easily upscale and downscale among simulation dimensions allows users to focus both on running a large number of fuel rods and on examining detailed localized effects with similar input files.