Advanced Fuel Examples

Bison includes the capability to model many other fuels beyond tradiational LWR ceramic fuel, including the four listed below. Simulations for these different fuel types generally differ from traditional ceramic fuels in terms of chemistry and rod geometry.


MOX Fuel

Mixed Oxide Fuel is a ceramic fuel that forms a columnar structure as pore migrate to the center of the fuel during reactor operation.


Accident Tolerant Fuel and Cladding

These fuel rods are concepts, which are designed to have similar or improved behavior in normal operation and provide increased coping time during design-basis accidents.



Tristructural isotropic fuel pellets are small spherical UO pellets coated with silicon carbide, pyrolytic carbon, and graphite layers.


Metal Fuel

Metal fuels, U-Zr and U-Pu-Zr, are used in fast sodium-cooled reactors. The geometry of these fuel rods includes a larger plenum gap to accomodate higher burnup.

Some of the capabilities for these different fuel types are under current development by the Bison team. Contact the developers if you have questions about these models and examples.